Mrs. Enid Bukenya

Chairperson, Board

Enid Bukenya is an advocate /partner of Bukenya, Chemonges & co Advocates. Enid currently works at Bukenya Chemonges &Co Advocates and has a title of Advocate and Partner. Enid is married to Mr. Bukenya and God has blessed them with children. Enid is very passionate about giving hope to valuable children and seeing that they have a better future.

Pastor. Luutu Whycliff Nsubuga

Vice Chairperson, Board

Reverend Luutu Wycliff Nsubuga is a husband to Rachel Luutu, a father to four biological children and 11 other foster children, he is a shepherd of Favour Seongsil Church. He is very passionate about children and women’s ministry. His desire is to see that children are developed holistically for a better Uganda. He is the Vice Chairperson of the board.

Mrs. Namuli Shamillah Tamale

Board Member

Mrs. Namuli Shamillah Tamale, passionate about charity and inclusiveness

Mrs. Samali Mukooza

Board Member

Samali is married to Mr. Mukooza who is a medical practitioner. She is a qualified High School teacher of English and Literature languages. She is passionate about giving and serving vulnerable children and women in need

Nakyayiza Aminah

Board Member

Nakyayiza Aminah, is a teacher by profession from Kayumbogo university, she has been a head teacher from 2017 to date, she is a trained female scout, with a certificate in special needs education, she has voluntary served with a number of NGOs both locally and internationally she has passionate about the needy children, both boy and girl child.


Esther Onywal

Country Director

Esther Onywal is the Country Director and a co-founder of BETA Outcome Foundation; she also serves on the Board of Directors. Esther advocates for the rights of children, women and the girl child. She believes that every woman can be respected and every child listened to. She is the voice of a woman and every child suffering violence and affliction in the poor and rural communities they serve.

She is in charge of the overall management of the different organizational programs, including sponsorship coordination, programs communication, fundraising and resource mobilization for programs efficiency. She is also in charge of all official communications between the organization and its donors as well as the beneficiaries. She has vibrant passion for development and ending of poverty for successful children and honorable women.

She has over 12years of experience leading projects and implementing community driven development. She has a Bachelors Degree in Development Studies from Makerere University, with many other certificates in women advocacy and child development.

Ronald Muyanja Kwagala

Chief Executive Director

Muyanja Ronald Kwagala is a Co- founder and Chief Executive Director of Beta Outcome Foundation Uganda. Ronald provides overall leadership and strategic direction for the work of Beta Outcome Foundation in Uganda and serves on the Board of Directors. He also makes the major corporate decisions on behalf of Beta Outcome Foundation, manages the overall operations and resources of the organization, Ronald acts as the main point of communication between the board of members, Donors, management team and corporate operations.

Ronald is driven by his passion for making genuine and lasting change to the lives of children and women living a poverty life in Uganda. He is a child advocate with experience of over 15 years; he is a mentor to many children and a Sunday school teacher. He holds a Degree in Development Studies (Rural Development), and a Masters in Development studies (Gender and Development) from Uganda Christian University Mukono with a number of certificates, Ronald is a leadership Development specialist, and a trainer

Phillip Walakira

Director of Finance and Administration

Walakira Phillip provides a responsibility of managing all the day to day financial administration, grant administration, pensions and payroll activities of Beta Outcome Foundation Uganda as well as ensuring all the statutory accounting principles are fulfilled. He is a Co-founder of Beta Outcome Foundation Uganda and also serves on the Board of Directors. As the director of Finance and administration, he is responsible for the organization’s long-term financial health and growth.

He establishes strategies that oversee accounting operations, produce accurate organization financial reports and improve current practices to increase efficiency. He has a high degree of integrity, confidentiality and transparency in financial management. He holds a Bachelors degree of science in Accounting and Finance from Kyambogo University with 9years of experience in finance management.


Henry Kintu

Senior Executive Assistant

Kintu Henry is a Co-founder of Beta Outcome Foundation Uganda and the Senior Executive Assistant. Henry also serves on the Board of Directors of Beta Outcome Foundation Uganda. He is in charge of assisting the Chief Executive Director with all his duties as well and assists with the recruitment of the organizational staff. He has worked and served in different sectors and has experience of over 8 years, a Sunday school teacher with exceptional leadership skills and attributes. He holds a Diploma in social work and social administration from Management Training and Advisory Center (MTAC) Nakawa – Uganda

Charles Mulinde Nalima

Community and Child Development Officer

Mulinde Nalima Charles serves as Community and Child Development Officer. He has passionate love for children and ensures that each one of them is cared for satisfactorily. Charles has more than seven years of experience serving in children and youth ministries. He ensures that the poor communities under our services are holistically developed as he draws plans and suggests programs for sustainable community development. He also works as the community liaison officer and links the organization directly to the community with the assistance of community leaders and the local government. He evaluates the performance of the organization and its impact to the community as well as the children under the care of Beta Outcome Foundation

Justine Nakimbugwe

Coordinator - Women and the Girl Child

Justine Nakimbugwe is the coordinator women and the girl-child at Beta outcome foundation Uganda and serves as corporate welfare coordinator to the governing board; she oversees the day to day welfare of beneficiaries under the women empowerment projects that include the girl-child, elderly and the women. Justine is a self-driven person, an achiever, focused and a person open minded to career development with experience of more than Five years in women and youth advocacy and management. Justine Provides technical input for beneficiaries management throughout programme life cycle. She is very passionate about the girl child well-being, women development process and life skills attainment

Justine coordinates and supports to ensure monitoring standards are well integrated within project activities and communication activities are designed in a way that contributes to life skills and development of women. She demonstrates Innovation and creativity in engaging women in project activities for their fun and meaningful participation. She holds a diploma in Business management from Association of Business managers and Administrators (ABAMA) UK

Grace Neumbe

Senior Social Worker

Neumbe Grace is a senior social worker of Beta Outcome Foundation Uganda. She is in charge of overseeing the support services conducted in the communities we serve. Her responsibilities often revolve around coordinating different social workers, handling issues or concerns, managing schedules and performing support tasks for other staff when necessary.

She has worked and served as a social worker with experience of over 5 years and top leadership skills. She holds a Diploma in social work and social Administration from Management Training and Advisory Center (MTAC) Nakawa Uganda.

Luke Kisawuzi

Assistant Social Worker

Kisawuzi Luke is the Assistant Social  worker at Beta outcome foundation Uganda, he endeavors to provide skills required for individuals  and families to succeed in modern society by identifying local needs, developing  programs, coordinating and providing services as well as involving in the process of making referrals to link families or persons to required resources. Luke is an evangelist at Kabubiro Church of Uganda. He loves children and takes care of them. He has a diploma in child development and children ministry from Uganda Martyrs Seminary Namugongo affiliated to Uganda Christian University Mukono. He has experience of 5 years in serving in children.

Joan Najjingo

Administration Assistant

Joan Najjingo serves as the administrative assistant of Beta Outcome Foundation Uganda. She over sees the day to day running of administrative duties from logistics to helping with the front desk, customer service relations, and the smooth running of work. She ensures that every staff is well endowed with whatever it takes to complete their tasks accordingly. With the help of the finance manager, she ensures availability of petty cash to run project programs.

Joan is self driven and pays attention to details with a high level of integrity and confidentiality. She is in charge of records and asset management of the organization. She is a mother of twins and loves children. She holds a certificate in secretarial studies.

Want to make a difference?

Becoming a sponsor is extending friendship and love to a desperately needy child in Uganda. Drought, famine, War and disease have left thousands of children orphaned or in extreme poverty in this part of the world/East Africa. Every day is a life and death struggle for many children who are not strong enough to with stand diseases because too much hunger has weakened their tiny bodies. Your monthly support or donation will provide basic education, and other necessities such as medical care, clothing, food and shelter. Not only will you be a wonderful blessing to the child you assist, but in turn you will experience great joy as you see your child mature and grow.

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