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BETA Outcome Foundation is a non-profit organization registered by the government of Uganda; we play a role alongside the Government and other development agencies in addressing issues related to poverty, primarily through supporting vulnerable children and marginalized women by promoting access to education, health and basic social services with our 4 in 1 Holistic Development approach of Spiritual, Social-emotional, Physical and Cognitive aspects of life. We believe in emphasizing holistic child care and taking each child as a special one and unique, within the context of the child’s family and community. At our heart is an inexorable passion to act out our care, love and compassion through supporting every little child left vulnerable by poverty as well as empowering each marginalized or abused girl child and woman.

Since 2014 as a church based youth group, we’ve been giving little children and women the opportunity to escape the fear of suffering that results from poverty through our approach that is highly focused on the model of one child and woman at a time in fighting poverty.

It’s hard to envision a world without life-threatening poverty; however we believe it’s a realistic goal.

You can join us at BETA Outcome Foundation to give our little ones hope for there are 15,000 less privileged children who are dying every day, yet there’s more to do with your support and donation to these children and women.

BETA Outcome Foundation is working on the frontline of these changes to see children and women rising from the most difficult circumstances; becoming honored and fulfilled citizens of the world; realizing their dream professions while transforming the future of their families and developing sustainable communities free from poverty and suffering.

Here in Uganda, we are very grateful to all the sponsors and donors who play such a vital role in our work of reaching out to the most vulnerable children, women and poor communities.

Our head office is located in Lugasa, Buikwe district; however our work-scope expands in 3 other districts. Our partnership is with many other agencies in the same field of service and the Government in its interventions of ending poverty at all levels.


A poverty free life with successful children and honorable women.


Bringing hope to marginalized children and vulnerable women through substantial support towards holistic development

Core Values

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We greatly believe that women and children should be treated equally, offered equal chances, opportunities and there should be no discrimination against them in society.

Objectives and principles of the BETA OUTCOME FOUNDATION

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Together we can make this a reality for thousands more. Many of our supporters, after remembering their family and friends, choose to take up this challenge by leaving a gift in their Will to support BETA Outcome Foundation’s work. Join us and leave a legacy that will empower vulnerable children and abused mothers. We’re with you in believing that every little child matters and deserve to be safe, fed, educated and empowered. We work towards making our little ones KNOWN, LOVED and PROTECTED. BETA Outcome Foundation works in partnership with local churches and schools as our meeting centers in 12 villages currently. Together, we provide resources, training and expertise to help the church and schools give the children in their community the opportunity to escape from poverty and fulfill their potential as well as empowering the abused mothers/women to return to their normal lives for self-sustainability. At BETA Outcome Foundation, we’re passionate about doing things with excellence, stewardship, commitment including the way we manage our finances. We work hard to ensure donations are used strategically, for the greatest benefit of our little children and all beneficiaries in poverty. We’re accountable for every penny we spend from our fundraising activities to our programmed activities. Our National leadership and the Board members, both fulltime staff and volunteers are committed to this by having both internal and external audits regularly and externally each year with the little resources we currently have. We work with the neediest and most vulnerable children and women that we can reach the poorest of the poor in our communities. Capacity Building (Training) to vulnerable individuals (people with disabilities, survivors of domestic violence, elderly persons, children and youth) in basic trauma counseling, sexual reproductive health, Income Generating Activities, entrepreneurship skills, Mental Health, Human Rights, Gender, and SGBV and women empowerment. Your generosity changes lives, thank you. You can choose make a donation to BETA Outcome Foundation’s work. If you wish to make a gift to a child or their family then please let us know by donations@betaoutcomefoundation.org
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